The Queen Of The Banshees The Queen Of The Banshees (Monarch)
Location: In a cave deep under the Isle of the Kings
Notes: She lives seven floors below the sea, in a dungeon beneath the Isle of the Kings. The best way to get to her is through the caves under the Isle of the Kings. It's the shortest way and you don't have to face any banshees until you reach her room, where she's guarded by 4 Banshees, 3 Stalkers, 2 Mummies, and 2 Ghosts. The other way you can take is through the Ghostlands, but it's longer and you have to face all the Banshees in the area in order to get to her. Be cautious when trying to find her.
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Part of The Queen of Banshees Quest.
Part of The Explorer Society Quest, Spectral Dress mission.
Part of the Wizard Outfits Quest, second addon.
Part of the Kissing a Pig Quest.

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