Nemal Nemal (Adventurer)
Location: Jakundaf Desert dungeon, 3 levels down
Notes: Nemal is blind. That's why he can't read or write. He calls himself "wanderer".

His father knew Gharonk, a very strange language. He will reward you if you help him with a problem.

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To get to this NPC, go down in the ruin in the Jakundaf Desert and go down 5 levels. Walk north and turn to walk south around a corner, watch out for 1-3 Bonelords in the clearing to the left. Take the ladder up from this cave, then go north past an intersection until you arrive at a locked door. Find a nearby ladder and climb it. There you will find Nemal.

Since Nemal is blind, you can help him see by curing his blindness. The book containing the recipe for the potion of regained vision is in one of the bookcases in the Desert Dungeon Library. Bring Nemal all listed ingredients to obtain Key 4037.

Player: hi
Nemal: Hello. How are you? Maybe you can help me: Do my shoes have the same colour?
Player: blind
Nemal: Yes, I seem to be blind. But I am not sure - maybe the dungeons are too dark!
Player: potion of regained vision
Nemal: I heard of a potion of regained vision ... but I can't remember how to make it! Maybe you can help me. Do you know something about it?
Player: yes
Nemal: So, did you bring the ingredients with you, stranger?
Player: yes
Nemal: You seem to have them with you. Can you tell me, how many minutes I have to cook them?
Player: 31
Nemal: Ah. It seems to work. But what are the words I have to speak?
Player: nalus murtu
Nemal: Thank you! NALUS MURTUUU! ... I can see again! To show you, how grateful I am, I'll give you a key. Be wise when using it. I can't tell you, where it matches, but ... take good care, it is useless without mental powers!

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