Talphion Talphion (Technomancer)
Location: North-west in Kazordoon some floors down.
Notes: His full name is Talphion Sparkbender, son of the Machine, from the Savage Axes.

Talphion is a Technomancer that resides in Kazordoon, he wants to create a clock for the Colossus in the near future. Due to the noises the machine of his makes, it's difficult for him to hear you well. For example, if you say "Kazordoon", he responds with "WHAT?", if you say it again, he'll ask "WHO'S DOOMED?" and if you say if a third time, he'll finally understand you.

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If you bring him the Screwdriver of Kurik, he will reward you with a Steampowered Spikesword.

Players are also required to talk with him while doing the The Postman Missions Quest, mission 6.

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