Zebron Zebron (Gambler)
Location: In Venore, two floors below the central depot, eastern side.
Notes: He hangs around the tavern and offers a game of dice.

You can bet from 1 to 99 gold and if the dice lands on 6 you get 5 times your bet. You may also bet 100 gp for a chance to win a die. Similar to the main money gambling game, if the dice lands on 6 you win the dice.
If you want to play with him, you must say: "dice" - "money" - "(any number from 1 to 100)".
There were rumors that you can increase your chance to win a bet with him if you wear a Wolf Tooth Chain, but it was proven false. The chance to win is 1/6, so you will lose money in the long run because you will only win 5 times your original bet on a successful roll (unless you play for dice and can sell it for more than 600 gp).
He has a cousin named Hugo.

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Part of the Kissing a Pig Quest.
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