Chester Kahs Chester Kahs (Spy)
Location: Second floor of the Royal Army Headquarters.
Notes: Chester is Captain of the TBI (Tibian Bureau of Investigation). His direct superior is King Tibianus. He has control over the 'Red Guard' but prefers to work alone. He left the public scene after his failure to defend the colony Carlin against the Orcs.

Chester is very suspicious, almost paranoid. He holds detailed information on almost every Thaian citizen.
If you say heal to him he will take a Life Ring from your inventory and then heal you up to 1000 hp (if you have more than 1000 hp you won't be healed, instead he will reduce your hitpoints to 1000).

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He is part of the Secret Service Quest and he exchanges Life Crystals for Life Rings.

To trade a Life Crystal for a Life Ring, follow these transcripts:

Player: hi
Chester Kahs: Salutations, stranger.
Player: Gamel rebel
Chester Kahs: Are you saying that Gamel is a member of the rebellion?
Player: yes
Chester Kahs: Do you know what his plans are about?
Player: magic crystal Lugri deathcurse
Chester Kahs: That is terrible! Will you give me the crystal?
Player: yes
Chester Kahs: Thank you! Take this ring. If you ever need some healing, come here, bring me the ring and ask me to 'heal' you.
Player: bye
Chester Kahs: Take care out there!

Note that there is no limit to how many times this can be done.

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