Adrenius Adrenius (Cleric)
Location: In a temple in the Jakundaf Desert
Notes: Adrenius is a priest of Fafnar. Before the Desert Dungeon Quest got completely spoiled, this NPC was a important part of the puzzle.
Adrenius wrote the book Dangers of Adventures Critique Adrenius (Book).
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He is very angry at Netlios's books. He will test your knowledge about the books he wrote for 500 gp. If you say "yes" but don't have 500 gp with you, he will cast Soulfire on you, damaging you for 10 hitpoints per turn for 45 turns (450 damage total). If you are around level 15, and have food with you, this should be enough to survive. If you do have the money with you and pass the test, you will earn Key 4023.

"anaso, 41, attacked by mother-bear, 117 days",
"elaeus, 39, attacked by dragon, 100 days",
"gadinius, 42, stepped in fire, 83 days",
"heso, 40, attacked by troll, 66 days",
"hestus, 38, drank poison, 134 days".

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