Wand of Everblazing   Wand of Everblazing (Wands)
It contains the everblazing fire.
Attributes: Range: 4, magic level +1
Weight: 37.00 oz.
Dropped By:
Notes: It is the sorcerer's equivalent of the druid's Glacial Rod and the fire damage counterpart to the Wand of Defiance. A very powerful wand commonly used by mid to high level sorcerers and a direct upgrade from the Wand of Inferno. It has a longer attack range than any of the lower-levelled wands and also increases the wielder's magic level by 1. Together with the Wand of Defiance it was the best weapon for a sorcerer until the introduction of the Dream Blossom Staff, which deals less damage per shot, but has a higher magic level bonus and a longer attack range.