Coconut Shrimp Bake   Coconut Shrimp Bake (Food)
It looks as if it was sealed with milky goodness.
Attributes: Stackable
Weight: 20.00 oz.
Dropped By:
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Notes: It can only be eaten if you're underwater and wearing a Helmet of the Deep or a Depth Galea, otherwise you'll get the following message: "You should only eat this dish when wearing a helmet of the deep and walking underwater."

It will boost your underwater speed by 300 levels for 24 hours while wearing a Helmet of the Deep or a Depth Galea, regardless of what you're doing or if you're online or offline.
The dish is one of the four winning recipes of the Gourmet Competition held by CipSoft in May 2010. The creator of this recipe is Natalya Rimsky.

To create this dish, you must speak with the Djinn Jean Pierre in Ankrahmun, near the Marid Fortress, during the Hot Cuisine event.

Necessary Ingredients:

It is much less useful than it initially was, because in update 9.8 underwater walking speed was increased and the relative character speed decreased in that update.

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Obtainable through the Hot Cuisine Quest.
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