Spellbook   Spellbook (Spellbooks)
It shows your spells and can also shield against attacks when worn.
Attributes: Def: 14
Weight: 18.00 oz.
Dropped By:
Notes: You don't need to carry your spellbook with you all the time, it isn't necessary to have a spellbook to cast a spell. It does, however, tell you which spells you have, as well as the mana and the words needed to cast each spell. The spell words can also be found at the official web site, at the ingame Spell List or on the Spells page. It looks the same as an Almanac of Magic, Nature Magic Spellbook and Spellbook of Dragha. It has been made somewhat redundant by the Flash Client's ability to list a character's known spells.
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Obtainable through the Elvenbane Quest, Ornamented Shield Quest and daily spawn on the top of the Senja Castle.
Sorcerers require a spellbook for The Desert Dungeon Quest.
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