Warsinger Bow   Warsinger Bow (Distance Weapons)
Attributes: Range: 7
Weight: 45.00 oz.
Dropped By:
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Notes: This bow has a hit% of +5, and atk +3. The bow's hit% of +5 makes arrows incredibly accurate and with the new Crystalline Arrow introduced in Updates/9.6, calculations have shown that the bow is the second most effective Distance Weapons in the game after Mycological Bow, beating both Royal Crossbow and Thorn Spitter on average damage per hit with regular ammunition (non-Infernal Bolt).

To elaborate, the Crystalline Arrow has a significantly higher hit rate than it's bolt counterpart, the Prismatic Bolt, but only slightly lower attack. The higher hit rate outperforms the extra potential damage that comes from using a crossbow.

The bonus range is also a welcome addition to any hunt as it allows you to start attacking creatures just as they enter the screen. It can also be useful in a narrow PvP-environment.

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Obtainable in the The Inquisition Quest.
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