Document of the Follower   Document of the Follower (Documents and Papers)
Weight: 2.00 oz.
Dropped By:
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Notes: Upon completion of mission 4 in the Dreamer's Challenge Quest and talking to their faction leader (the Brotherhood of Bones or the Nightmare Knights), a player can "use" this document to instantly obtain the Brotherhood of Bones Outfits or Nightmare Knights Outfits, depending on which faction the player chose. For the price of 1 Small Diamond Lord Protectors and Dread Lords can create this document in the officers quarters inside the Dream Realm.
It looks the same as Building Plans for a Ship, a Document of the Leader, a Document of the Officer, an Old Parchment (Omrabas), a Parchment (White) and Parchment of Dark Knowledge.
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