Undead Cavebear Undead Cavebear
(450 Hit Points, 600 Experience)
Location: Lich Hell, spots were marked here.
Abilities: Melee (0-150?), Sudden Death (70-130), Sudden Death Berserk (50+), Life Drain Bomb (?), Poison Beam (?)
Immune to: Death, Earth
Strong against:
Weak against: Holy (+25%)
Field Notes: Undead Cavebears are a semi-rare spawn in Lich Hell (Ramoa). You can tame them using a Maxilla Maximus. They spawn once every 3-4 days, in three "waves":
  • One Undead Cavebear spawns on the eastern spot a few hours after the server save.
  • One or two Cavebears spawn on the middle spot 5 hours after the first one have spawned.
  • Two or three Cavebears spawn on the western spot 5 hours after the second wave have spawned.