Infernalist Infernalist
(3650 Hit Points, 4000 Experience)
Location: Magician Quarter (2+5?), Hero Cave (2), Demona (2), Fury Dungeon.
Abilities: Melee (0-100), Flame Strike (63-180), Burst Arrow (Does Fire Damage 90-180), Explosion on himself, Self-Healing, Invisible, Fire Bomb, Fire Beam (0-250?), Mana Drain Bomb target (53-120), Summons 0-1 Fire Elemental, Reduces your shielding/melee skills by a half.
Immune to: Fire, Energy
Strong against: Holy (-20%), Death (-1%?), Earth (-95%?)
Weak against: Physical (+1%?), Ice (+5%?)
Field Notes: Behaves similar to a Warlock. The difference is that Infernalists can make several combos.