Orc Marauder Orc Marauder
(235 Hit Points, 205 Experience)
Location: Zao Orc Land.
Abilities: Melee (0-?), Distance Arrow attack (0-80), Haste.
Immune to:
Strong against: Holy (-10%), Energy (-20%)
Weak against: Death (+10%), Earth (+10%)
Field Notes: These mounted archers was the answer to high degree mobility. However, because of the orcs lust for blood, staying at a distance from the enemy proved a difficult task to maneuver. Before, those orcs which managed to restrain themselves from such urges were often shunned and called cowards. With the coming of new leaders such prejudice as these have since changed. The remaining Orc Marauders joined together and have since received additional training and have become what they now are today.

Now only the most daring orcs are now chosen as Orc Marauders. As unlike the War Wolves, gnarlhounds are not bound to a specific rider, they are shared throughout the tribe and picked at random before a raid. Orc Marauders treat their skin to a mixture of excrements and herbs to avoid them being ripped to shreds by their own mounts.

This creature was added with the Christmas Update 2009.