The Horned Fox The Horned Fox
(265 Hit Points, 300 Experience)
Location: At the other side of the teleporter. The teleporter to him is located here, at the way to the place where he spawned before the Killing in the Name of... Quest was introduced to Tibia, but just one floor further down. It is also marked when you complete the task of killing 5000 minotaurs so it isn't hard to find.
Abilities: Melee (0-100), Distance Fighting (Bolts) (0-20), Summons Minotaur Guards, Minotaur Archers and Minotaur Mages, Poison (starting at 4 damage), Invisibility(2 seconds), Self-Healing.
Immune to:
Strong against:
Weak against: Death (+1%?), Ice (+1%?)
Field Notes: He is one of the Minotaur bosses. He has a Secret Hideout near the Dwarf Mines of Kazordoon which he rarely visits. He is one of the few Minotaurs that has been proven to be able to write (as evidenced by this document). You can use an Obsidian Knife on his corpse in order to skin Minotaur Leather.