Water Elemental Water Elemental
(550 Hit Points, 650 Experience)
Location: Water Elemental Cave in Port Hope, Water Elemental Dungeon, Deeper Banuta, Malada, Ramoa, Talahu, Folda (7 spawn on the 3rd floor), Water Elemental Cave in Outlaw Camp (only during the Down the Drain Mini World Change), Krailos Steppe underwater cave.
Abilities: Melee (0-165); poisons you up to 3 hitpoints per turn, Water Explosion (125-235), Icicle (88-150), Poisoning Ball (radius 3 SQM, poisons you up to 13 hitpoints per turn), Self-healing, Haste.
Immune to: Fire, Ice, Earth, Drown, Life Drain
Strong against: Physical (-35%), Holy (-50%), Death (-50%)
Weak against: Energy (+25%)
Field Notes: They can only survive in vicinity of water, where they can appear in groups and overwhelm unprepared adventurers. Their corpses become a puddle of water, which can be looted but not moved. You can also fish their fresh corpses to obtain one of the following: See also: Water Elemental/Fishing Statistics