Ice Witch Ice Witch
(650 Hit Points, 580 Experience)
Location: Ice Witch Temple, tower in Krimhorn, caves around Hrodmir ('camps' area), Formorgar Glacier deepest mines, Magician Quarter in Yalahar (Level 60 Requirement Door).
Abilities: Melee (0-60), Snow Wave (0-100), Throws Snowballs (0-110), Ice Wave (50-124), Self-Healing, Paralysis, Changes your appearance into a Snowman.
Immune to: Ice
Strong against: Holy (-30%), Fire (-50%), Earth (-40%)
Weak against: Death (+10%), Energy (+10%)
Field Notes: This creature fights much like a Necromancer, however doesn't summon, but paralyzes instead and have a tough armor. Be warned, if you're turned into a snowman your invisibility will be canceled. Ice Witch had 540 Hit points before Summer Update 2009. Ice Witches heal a lot, it could be a good idea to team with a mage to shoot Thunderstorms at groups. Since summer update 2009 all loot from this creature became rare drops, most witches you kill will be empty, so you'll be hunting for a while to get anything from them.