Ghost Ghost
(150 Hit Points, 120 Experience)
Location: Ghost Ship, Drefia, Ankrahmun Tombs, Mount Sternum Undead Cave between Thais and Kazordoon, Dark Cathedral, under Treasure Island, Isle of the Kings, Grothmok tunnels (in Dwarven Mines), Goroma, Ramoa, Lich Hell, Upper Spike.
Abilities: Melee 0-80, Life Drain 20-45.
Immune to: Physical, Death, Earth, Drown, Life Drain
Strong against:
Weak against:
Field Notes: These Creatures are immune to Physical Damage, however, they can be damaged by weapons that have been enchanted or come with natural enchantments such as a Fire Axe or a Fire Sword. They are not weak to Holy Damage, unlike most other undead creatures.