The Pale Count The Pale Count
(50000 Hit Points, 28000 Experience)
Location: During a raid under Drefia, initially here. After reaching yellow health it teleports itself with full health to the lower floor and spawns in front of the mirror, exactly here. Entrance to this place, which is opened only during his raid, is located here.
Abilities: Melee, shoots Sniper Arrow, throws Throwing Knife, large death ball, large manadrain ball (red music notes), Self-Healing, summons Nightfiend.
Immune to: Death
Strong against: Fire (-15%), Energy (-30%), Ice (-30%)
Weak against: Holy (+10%)
Field Notes: Affected by the boss chest loot system and special AI. When summoning a Nightfiend he says Out of the dark I call you, fiend in the night!. Once the Pale Count reaches yellow health he will say Dare to follow me to my Sanctuary below and you shall DIE! and teleport himself downstairs at full health. A raid message appears in the Server Log:
The Pale Count has risen from his crypt deep under Drefia. Blood will flow.

Note about loot: