Deepling Guard Deepling Guard
(1900 Hit Points, 2100 Experience)
Location: Fiehonja. During Deeplings stage 1 around 10 spawns exist (here, here, here, here, 2 here, here, here and 2 here. Also may spawn during the gemcutting mission (anywhere around here)). Many more spawns in almost all areas of Deepling stage 2 and 3.
Abilities: Melee (0-400?), Whirlwind Throw (0-200+?), Spears (0-150+?), Self-Healing (100-200?).
Immune to: Fire, Ice, Drown
Strong against: Death (-10%)
Weak against: Energy (+10%), Earth (+10%)
Field Notes: Killing Deepling guards will contribute to the progression of the Deepling world change during stage 1. Killing 1 Deepling guard will count for 1 point (200 needed) until 100 points have been contributed.