Zulazza the Corruptor Zulazza the Corruptor
(28000 Hit Points, 9800 Experience)
Location: Zzaion (Zao).
Abilities: Melee (0-2078+), Poison Bomb (250-500), Cursing Beam (100-900), Mana Drain Bomb (50-250), Paralyze Bomb(on target), Poff Bomb(reduces your distance skill), Poison Bomb(poisons from 20 up to 40hp/turn), Groundshaker Bomb (0-250), Self-Healing (225-270) (fast).
Immune to: Energy
Strong against: Holy (-20%), Death (-30%), Ice (-20%), Earth (-70%)
Weak against:
Field Notes: It spawns during the Orc Raid on Zzaion on the top floor of the furthest tower to the south, the highest tower in Zzaion. It appears when the final raid message is shown, which is often an unpleasant surprise for players. This creature was added with the Christmas Update 2009.