Demon Demon
(8200 Hit Points, 6000 Experience)
Location: Hero Cave, Ferumbras' Citadel, Goroma, Ghostlands (Warlock area; unreachable), Liberty Bay (hidden underground passage; unreachable), Razzachai, deep in Pits of Inferno (found in every throneroom except Verminor's), deep Formorgar Mines, Demon Forge, Alchemist Quarter, Magician Quarter, Chyllfroest, Oramond Dungeon, Abandoned Sewers.
Abilities: Melee (0-500), Great Fireball on target (Area of Effect: [1]) (150-250), Great Energy Beam (Life Drain: 300-480), Energy Strike (Only from close. (210-300), Mana Drain (30-120), Self-Healing (80-250), Haste, Fire Field, Distance Paralyze, Summons up to 1 Fire Elemental.
Immune to: Fire, Drown, Life Drain
Strong against: Physical (-25%), Death (-20%), Energy (-50%), Earth (-40%)
Weak against: Holy (+12%), Ice (+12%)
Field Notes: Demons are the servants of evil. More or less devoted servants of Zathroth, they cause strife and havoc wherever they appear. Their masters are known as Demonlords, Demon Overlords and Archdemons.
They shout "CHAMEK ATH UTHUL ARAK!", which means "SACRIFICE YOUR BLOOD!" according to this book.
You can use a Blessed Wooden Stake on a slain Demon for a chance to gather some Demon Dust. See also: Demon Dust/Dusting