Wyrm Wyrm
(1825 Hit Points, 1550 Experience)
Location: Drefia Wyrm Lair (after the Medusa Shield Quest room, here), Darashia Wyrm Hills, Arena and Zoo Quarter, beneath Fenrock, Deeper Razachai, Lower Spike, Vandura Wyrm Cave and Vandura Mountain in Liberty Bay.
Abilities: Melee (0-235), Self-Healing (100-150), Energy Wave (a bit longer than human Fire Wave, 130-200), Yellow Energy Berserk (100-220), Heavy Magic Missile (100-125), Smoke Beam (4 SQM long, does Life Drain, 98-145), yellow musical notes on itself.
Immune to: Energy, Life Drain
Strong against: Fire (-20%), Earth (-75%)
Weak against: Death (+5%), Ice (+5%)
Field Notes: None.