Apocalypse Apocalypse
(125000 Hit Points, 30000 Experience)
Location: Unknown. He's believed to spawn in his throne room in the Pits of Inferno.
Abilities: Melee (0-3500?), Great Fireball (280?-1000), Teleport Wave (300?-1700?), Explosion Wave (0-900?), Exori (250?-750?), Explosion Exori (100?-500?) Yellow Energy Beam (450-1600?), Death Beam (300?-1000?), Poisonous Beam starts from 50 up to 100?, Strong Haste, Paralysis, Armageddon (450-4000?), Weak Self-Healing(2000-4000), Strong Self-Healing (6000-10000), Summon 1-8? Demons.
Immune to: Fire, Energy, Earth, Life Drain
Strong against: Death (-1%?), Ice (-10%?)
Weak against:
Field Notes: He is the strongest monster in Tibia. He is a Member of The Ruthless Seven, The Total Destruction. Apocalypse's throne is in the Pits of Inferno. He was summoned twice by CipSoft members on Test Servers (May 2006 and November 2009). More recently, he was summoned by CipSoft mebers on the Test Server (July 2012) and slain, unfortunately dropping no loot...