Pig Pig
(25 Hit Points, 0 Experience)
Location: Rookgaard, Orc Fort, under Femor Hills with Goblins, some farms like The McRonald's Farm, Liberty Bay slums and Nargor, Foreigner Quarter in Yalahar, Isle of the Kings, cells in Tafariel's throneroom in Pits of Inferno, Gardens of Night (here, unreachable).
Abilities: None
Immune to:
Strong against:
Weak against:
Field Notes: They can be found at farms like the McRonald's Farm, in Thais. Pigs are the best among the creatures whom do not give experience because they almost always drop Meat, good when you have no Mana and you are in hard places (like Nargor), you can trap then with the map geography or some items and kill them. They are slow and walk in groups.