Fire Devil Fire Devil
(200 Hit Points, 145 Experience)
Location: Desert Dungeon, Ancient Temple, Magician Tower, Shadow Tomb, Ghostlands, Goroma, Plains of Havoc at Ornamented Shield Quest, Spike Sword Quest.
Abilities: Melee (0-35), Fireball (60-95), Fire Explosion (18-50).
Immune to: Fire
Strong against: Physical (-10%), Death (-20%), Energy (-30%), Earth (-20%)
Weak against: Holy (+10%), Ice (+20%)
Field Notes: Usually found close to stronger fire-type creatures like Dragons or Fire Elementals. They are good summons for blocking creatures with fire-type distance attacks, like Diabolic Imps. Be careful with these though, as their Explosion can hit you or hit other players which may give you a White Skull in PVP worlds. They used to give 110 exp before Update 8.5