Adept of the Cult Adept of the Cult
(430 Hit Points, 400 Experience)
Location: Goroma, Liberty Bay's deeper cult dungeon, Formorgar Mines, Magician Quarter, Forbidden Temple.
Abilities: Melee (0-90) (poisons you 2 hp/turn), Distance Life Drain (70-150), Summons 0-2 Ghouls, Invisible for a short time, Drunkenness, Self-Healing (around 50 hp).
Immune to:
Strong against: Holy (-30%), Ice (-20%), Earth (-40%)
Weak against: Death (+5%), Energy (+5%)
Field Notes: Make sure to have Dwarven Ring when facing adepts. Usually they spawn in groups amongst other monsters like Witches, Bonelords, Elder Bonelords and all other cult members.