Snake Snake
(15 Hit Points, 10 Experience)
Location: In almost all grassy areas of Tibia. Also found in Rookgaard.
Abilities: Melee (0-8) it poisons with 1 hp/turn and doing about 15 damage total.
Immune to:
Strong against: Energy (-20%), Earth (-40%)
Weak against: Fire (+10%), Ice (+10%)
Field Notes: A snake is a weak monster that can envenom others with its bite. They are also summoned by Orc Shamans. Some players use the snakes summoned by Orc Shamans for training. They Trap the Orc Shaman in a way he cannot shoot any magic missiles at them and then basically have an endless supply of constantly spawning snakes. Lizard Snakecharmers drop Dead Snakes as loot.