Souleater Souleater
(1100 Hit Points, 1300 Experience)
Location: Razzachai, Northern Zao Plantations, Souleater Mountains, Deeper Banuta (many on all floors from the 7th onward).
Abilities: Melee (0-209), Sparkle Life Drain Bomb (0-60, around itself), SD Like Bomb (Causes Drowning), Icicle (50-100), Musical Wave (100-200+), Invisible (around 3 seconds), Self-Healing.
Immune to: Death
Strong against: Physical (-60%), Ice (-50%)
Weak against: Holy (+10%), Fire (+10%), Energy (+10%)
Field Notes: This creature was added with the Summer Update 2010. They usually come in groups with other Souleaters, Mutated Bats, Mutated Rats, Mutated Tigers or Death Blobs.