Ferumbras Ferumbras
(50000 Hit Points, 12000 Experience)
Location: His citadel on Kharos. You must ask Zoltan for permission to access the citadel.
Abilities: Melee, Invisibility, Mana Drain (500-700 mana per turn), Summons 0-4 Demons, Great Exori (600-900), Great Life Drain Beam (300-500), Great Smokebomb (450+), Poison (starting from 21), Poison Explosion (300-500, poisoning), Life Drain Hit (900+), Energy Explosion (300-950, energize), Fireball (Soulfire), Self Healing.
Immune to: Earth, Life Drain
Strong against: Physical (-10%?), Holy (-20%), Fire (-90%), Energy (-90%), Ice (-20%)
Weak against:
Field Notes: Ferumbras was removed from society and banished to his citadel by the mages at the Edron academy. He has a massive arsenal of spells to torture and heal. Ferumbras was an evil sorcerer who once instilled fear into the heart of Thaians many years ago. Summoning demons and warlocks, he attacked Thais twice during the span of his life. After his second attack, he was finally killed and most assumed him to be gone for good. But his wrath was brought down when he returned some time later and found his daughter, Fortinbrae, had been killed and her soul trapped by the brave knights who had slain her, in the Plains of Havoc temple. Ferumbras traveled there to recapture his daughter's soul, but he was defeated again and disappeared. There are many rumors about his current whereabouts.