Necromancer Necromancer
(580 Hit Points, 580 Experience)
Location: All the Tombs, Lich Hell, Drefia, Medusa Shield Quest room, Old Fortress, Old Masonry, beneath Fenrock, Cemetery Quarter and Magician Quarter.
Abilities: Melee (0-80) Poisons you for 0-8 hp/turn, Death Hit (10-120), Stalagmite (20-120), Self Healing (fast, 50-80), Summons up to 2 Ghouls or Ghosts or Mummies.
Immune to: Earth, Drown
Strong against: Death (-50%), Energy (-20%), Ice (-10%)
Weak against: Physical (+5%), Holy (+5%), Fire (+5%)
Field Notes: Necromancers have really valuable items in their loot: Boots of Haste, Noble Axes and Skull Staffs. They have a weak defense so even knights are able to kill them with a litte limitation: their Death Hit works only if you stand next to them.