Hand of Cursed Fate Hand of Cursed Fate
(7500 Hit Points, 5000 Experience)
Location: Pits of Inferno, The Battlefield, The Arcanum, The Blood Halls and The Crystal Caves.
Abilities: Melee (0-520; poisons you up to 19 Hitpoints per turn), Mana Drain (0-920+), Death Strike (0-880+), Invisibility, Strong Haste, Self-Healing, causes Drunkenness
Immune to: Death, Fire, Energy, Earth
Strong against:
Weak against: Holy (+25%), Ice (+10%)
Field Notes: A demonic minion with sole purpose to bring pain and despair to all who enter its domain. It has the ability to deal high amounts of damage and can also Mana Drain making it one of the most dangerous creatures in Tibia. The Hand of Cursed Fate's boss is The Handmaiden. It's the first creature known to drop a non-blank rune.