Dragon Lord Dragon Lord
(1900 Hit Points, 2100 Experience)
Location: Ankrahmun Dragon Lairs, Banshee Quest final room (level 60+ to open the door), Deeper Cyclopolis past the Dragon Spawn (level 30+ to open the door), Draconia, Edron Dragon Lair, Fibula Dungeon (level 50+ to open the door), Maze of Lost Souls (level 30+ to open the door), Pits of Inferno Dragon Lair, Dragon Lord hole in Plains of Havoc, Carlin Dragon Lair, Thais Dragon Lair, Goroma Dragon Lairs, Hot Spot, Venore Dragon Lair, Arena and Zoo Quarter (Yalahar), beneath Fenrock, Darashia Dragon Lair, Razzachai, Dragonblaze Peaks, Ferumbras Citadel, Fury Dungeon, Lower Spike, Krailos Steppe.
Abilities: Melee (0-230), Great Fireball (100-200), Fire Wave (150-230), Firebomb, Self-Healing (57-93).
Immune to: Fire
Strong against: Energy (-20%), Earth (-80%)
Weak against: Ice (+10%)
Field Notes: A really dangerous creature, it's extremely powerful and heals itself. Once, it was the most powerful creature in all of Tibia. These creatures can be skinned with an Obsidian Knife. See also: Red Dragon Leather/Skinning.