Corym Vanguard Corym Vanguard
(700 Hit Points, 490 Experience)
Location: Venore Corym Cave, Tiquanda Corym Cave, Corym Black Market, Carlin Corym Cave/Dwarf Mines Diggers Depths Mine, Upper Spike.
Abilities: Melee (0-140+), Poison Wave (looks like a tipped "T" (50-90+)), Death Ball ((40-60+)), Self-Healing (30-60+).
Immune to:
Strong against: Energy (-20%), Ice (-10%)
Weak against:
Field Notes: The most dangerous Corym. Avoid fighting multiple Coryms when killing this one (if low level). The damage of a Skirmisher and one Vanguard (or two+ Vanguards) can kill a low level mage instantly.