Giant Spider Giant Spider
(1300 Hit Points, 900 Experience)
Location: Plains of Havoc, Point of no Return in Outlaw Camp, Ghostlands, Hellgate, Mintwallin Secret Laboratory, Mad Mage Room deep below Ancient Temple, Mount Sternum Undead Cave, Green Claw Swamp, Maze of Lost Souls, Crusader Helmet Quest in the Dwarf Mines, Mushroom Gardens, west drillworm cave, Edron Hero Cave, Edron Orc Cave, on a hill near Drefia (here), on a hill north-west of Ankrahmun (inaccessible), Forbidden Lands, Deeper Banuta (2 small spawns, here and here), Malada, Ramoa, Arena and Zoo Quarter, second floor up of Cemetery Quarter, beneath Fenrock, Vengoth Castle, Vandura Mountain, in a cave in Robson Isle, Chyllfroest, Spider Caves, Krailos, Caverna Exanima.
Abilities: Melee (0-300) poisons you for 5-8 hp per turn, Stalagmite (40-70), throws Poison Fields, Summons 0-2 Poison Spiders, Haste.
Immune to: Earth
Strong against: Energy (-20%), Ice (-20%)
Weak against: Fire (+10%)
Field Notes: Giant Spiders used to be one of the most feared monsters, mainly because of the locations they could be found in. Some years ago, they were often being lured to Venore, Dwarf Bridge, and the roads near it. They were commonly found in places one would never expect to find such a beast. Giant Spiders used to be immune to fire but now they are weak to it.
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You may hunt 500 of these as a task of the Killing in the Name of... Quest. Upon completion of the task you will face The Old Widow.
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