Dworc Voodoomaster Dworc Voodoomaster
(80 Hit Points, 55 Experience)
Location: South of Port Hope around Trapwood. There is also a group of 3 voodoomasters and 2 crypt shamblers on the shore east of Trapwood.
Abilities: Melee (0-20), melee Life Drain (1-40), Poison Storm (0-25) on himself, Chicken Mutation, Intoxicate, Poison Field, Paralysis, Self Healing, Haste, Invisibility(3 seconds).
Immune to: Earth
Strong against: Holy (-35%)
Weak against: Death (+10%), Fire (+15%), Ice (+10%)
Field Notes: Pretty easy to kill because of their low health but can be annoying if not killed quickly as they become invisible and use multiple spells so they might be a problem for inexperienced adventurers. A Dwarven Ring may be helpful while hunting them. In update 8.4 the invisibility length was increased making voodoomasters more of a challange.