Pirate Ghost Pirate Ghost
(275 Hit Points, 250 Experience)
Location: Drefia, Goroma, Nargor Undead Cave, hidden caves under Treasure Island, single spawn at Liberty Bay ruins, Chyllfroest (unreachable).
Abilities: Melee (0-95) poisons you 2 hp/turn, Life Drain (30-80), Musical Explosion (0-65) on itself, does Death Damage, Self-Healing.
Immune to: Physical, Death, Earth, Life Drain
Strong against:
Weak against: Holy (+25%)
Field Notes: These chilling phantoms haunt the underground chambers on Nargor and can also be found on Goroma and Treasure Island. Like their weaker counterparts, Ghosts, they are immune to all physical damage. They offer good experience for Mages, because they are easier to kill in comparison to Undeads like Demon Skeletons. They also give decent loot for the expense.