Slime Slime
(150 Hit Points, 160 Experience)
Location: Ancient Temple under the Rotworm area, under White Flower Temple, Mount Sternum Undead Cave on the last floor, Thais Troll Cave, Bonelord cave in Drefia, Green Claw Swamp, Dwarf Mines, Villa Scapula, Ankrahmun Tombs, Dark Cathedral, north of Port Hope, Deeper Banuta, on Folda on the floor above the Water Elementals, Hellgate, Vengoth, Alchemist Quarter, Yalahar and Carlin sewers, Ghostlands, Desert Dungeon, Dusalk's Troll Clan Cave, Nargor, and in a cave northeast of Ab'Dendriel.
Abilities: Melee (0-110), Summons 0-3 Squidgy Slimes.
Immune to: Earth
Strong against: Ice (-20%)
Weak against: Fire (+10%), Energy (+10%)
Field Notes: The summoned slimes are 10% weak to ice damage. Slimes are useful to level because they have relatively low hp and give good experience. With 55 shielding you can train with slimes successfully. A good tactic is to mark the slime that summons the others as only the original will do this. When a slime summons, you will see the blue shimmer of a spell being cast. But watch out! They can kill low levels very fast if they get trapped, especially mages. If you ever get trapped by 3 or more, try to kill the "motherslime", i.e. the one summoning other slimes.