Dryad Dryad
(310 Hit Points, 190 Experience)
Location: Dryads appear in forest areas of Edron, Port Hope, Carlin and Cormaya during raids in June. There are 5 total waves, the initial one with the raid message and the rest every 15 minutes during next hour.

Raids are heralded by these messages:

  • Dryads have returned to protect the forest north of Edron. - forest areas north of Edron
  • Dryads have returned to protect the northern forests near Ab'Dendriel. - forests between Carlin and Ab'Dendriel
  • Dryads have returned to protect the jungle of Tiquanda. - deep jungle areas east of Port Hope
  • Dryads have returned to protect their tree gardens underneath Cormaya. - Dryad Gardens in Cormaya
Abilities: Melee (0-90), Plant Bomb (20-30+), Invisibility, Paralyzing Ball, Self-Healing often, Heart Missile causes mild Drunkenness.
Immune to: Earth
Strong against: Energy (-30%), Ice (-20%)
Weak against: Fire (+20%)
Field Notes: New creature after winter update 2007. A Dryad is a female tree-spirit, usually benevolent and shy in nature but they will fiercely attack anyone who might harm their natural habitat.