Witch Witch
(300 Hit Points, 120 Experience)
Location: Vandura, west of the Dwarf Mines in a small house (here), Amazon Tower north of Carlin, Triangle Tower, Temple of Xayepocax, Green Claw Swamp and Amazon Camp (Venore), Dark Cathedral (2 levels underground), Goroma Volcano (underground), west from Necromant House, Mammoth Shearing Factory, Trade Quarter in Yalahar, The Witches' Cliff (only accessible during a quest).
Abilities: Melee (0-20), Fireball (30-75), shoots Fire Fields, Frog Mutation.
Immune to: Energy
Strong against: Earth (-20%)
Weak against: Physical (+5%), Death (+5%)
Field Notes: Witches are women with strong magical abilities. They are frequently found with Amazons and Valkyries, and have become very involved with cult activities on the Shattered Isles. Some people believe that Witches are leaders of the amazons and valkyries. Although Witches only use fire attacks, they are not immune to fire.