Crustacea Gigantica Crustacea Gigantica
(1600 Hit Points, 1800 Experience)
Location: Calassa (here and here), Treasure Island (here),

Seacrest Grounds (here, here, here, here and here).

In the Seacrest Grounds the spawns are Varying Monster Spawns in which the common creature is an Abyssal Calamary. The chance to spawn a Crustacea Gigantica seems to be around 1%-2%.
Abilities: Melee (0-160), Ice Wave (0-200), Ice Strike (0-160), Self Healing (75-245), Splash Bomb (Makes you drown).
Immune to: Ice
Strong against: Physical (-20%), Death (-10%)
Weak against: Energy (+5%)
Field Notes: Crustacea Gigantica are a semi-rare spawn in wet and sunken areas. You can tame them using a Giant Shrimp.