Fury Fury
(4100 Hit Points, 4500 Experience)
Location: Pits of Inferno (Apocalypse's Throne Room), The Inquisition Quest (The Shadow Nexus, Battlefield), Vengoth, Fury Dungeon, The Extension Site.
Abilities: Melee (0-509), Sudden Death (0-250) can Paralyze, Berserk does Life Drain (0-300), Explosion Wave does Fire Damage (200-300), Blood Beam does Death Damage (0-700), Blood Ball on herself (0-300), Yellow Musical Notes Ball on herself (reduces Shielding or Distance Fighting), Strong Haste.
Immune to: Fire
Strong against: Holy (-30%), Ice (-30%)
Weak against: Physical (+10%), Death (+10%), Energy (+10%), Earth (+10%)
Field Notes: A creature of hatred and destruction fueled by insatiable rage. These creatures are able to use strong haste and thus become incredibly fast and almost IMPOSSIBLE to outrun. In 2008 winter update a bug made Furies buff the players which increased the skills with about 25-55+ for few seconds. People believe they have orange hair, but they have actually red hair.