Earth Elemental Earth Elemental
(650 Hit Points, 450 Experience)
Location: Edron Earth Elemental Cave (17 of them on the first floor), Vandura Mountain, Deeper Banuta (2 spawns, here and here), Vengoth Castle, Robson Isle, Drillworm Caves, Crystal Grounds, Middle Spike.
Abilities: Melee (0-110+), Stalagmite (72-105), Boulder Explosion (0-100+), Poison Beam poisons you 10-13 hp/turn, Poison Ball on itself poisons you 5-7hp/turn, Distance Paralyze, Self-Healing (60-80).
Immune to: Energy, Earth
Strong against: Physical (-35%), Holy (-50%), Death (-40%), Ice (-85%)
Weak against: Fire (+25%)
Field Notes:
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During Shadows of Yalahar Quest, they can be skinned using a Pick to obtain Elemental Crystals and other items like Small Diamonds.
See also Pick Statistics.
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