Zoralurk Zoralurk
(? Hit Points, ? Experience)
Location: Vengoth?, Continent of Zao?
Abilities: Melee (0-1276), Summons 0-2 Demons, Great Firebomb, Wrath of Nature, Rage of the Skies, Changes appearance into Demon, Behemoth, Giant Spider, Fire Devil and possibly more Creatures.
Immune to: Fire
Strong against: Physical (-60%), Holy (-40%), Death (-90%), Energy (-60%), Ice (-50%), Earth (-80%)
Weak against:
Field Notes: It is an Archdemon and also a member of the Triangle of Terror. You can use Blessed Wooden Stake on the summoned demon's corpses in order to get Demon Dust.

He is known to be "the demon with a thousand faces" (But very little is known about this monster). Zoralurk has yet never been seen on any Server, but was summoned by customer support on Test Server 2007.

  • Zoralurk has been summoned by the Customer Support member Iscen.
  • Botija Of Fenix tries to solo Zoralurk.
  • Zoralurk in full action.
  • Zoralurk makes an awesome combo of a poison and a energy storm.
  • Botija Of Fenix fails his attempt and dies.