Werewolf Werewolf
(1955 Hit Points, 1900 Experience)
Location: Vengoth Castle, Vengoth Werewolf Cave, Grimvale, were-beasts cave south-west of Edron, here.
Abilities: Melee (0-350), Life Drain Berserk, looks like musical notes (0-165+), Summons 2 War Wolves at once (white notes), Turns you into a Werewolf (blue notes), Reduces your fighting skill by 35% for a couple of seconds (red notes), Self-Healing (green shimmer, 10-125), Haste (purple notes).
Immune to:
Strong against: Death (-55%), Energy (-15%), Earth (-75%)
Weak against: Holy (+5%), Fire (+5%), Ice (+5%)
Field Notes: Werewolves are men (male humans) that are under a curse and were transformed into wolves. However, they are altogether much stronger than a man or a wolf. Once they die, they are freed from the curse and their corpses will take a human form.

Contrary to popular belief, their bites do not transform their victims into werewolves. On rare occasions, the victims can have their bodies metamorphosed, but this effect is only temporary.

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You may hunt 300 of these as a task of the Killing in the Name of... Quest. Upon completion of the task you will face Hemming.
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