War Golem War Golem
(4300 Hit Points, 2750 Experience)
Location: Factory Quarter (40+ here (4 Gear Wheels required per entry. Four machines line the platform to the right or left. Use one of the machines with the gearwheels present in your backpack. You will receive the message, "You insert all 4 gear wheels, thus adjusting the teleporter to transport you to the left side."), 8? here, 2 here, 1 here, 4? here during Shadows of Yalahar Quest (and many summons)), Fenrock (here) and in Yalahar library (single spawn). Also spawn during the Azerus battle (last mission of the In Service of Yalahar Quest).
Abilities: Melee (0-478+), Blood Rage (makes the melee hit increase to about 550), Heavy Magic Missile (165-220), Haste, Skill Reducer Beam (reduces your shielding skill), Changes player's appearance into Skeleton, Electrifies you (8 turns*25 damage), Self Healing (200-250).
Immune to:
Strong against: Physical (-10%), Holy (-50%), Death (-20%), Fire (-15%), Energy (-5%), Ice (-30%), Earth (-50%)
Weak against:
Field Notes: None.