Hydra Hydra
(2350 Hit Points, 2100 Experience)
Location: Many on the northern Hydra Mountain in east Tiquanda (here), 3-4 on the southern Hydra Mountain (here), 1 at the Hydra Egg Quest in Tiquanda (here), 1 north-east of the Elephant Tusk Quest (here), 2 above the Forbidden Lands hydra cave here and many inside it, many in Deeper Banuta, many on Talahu surface, a few in Ferumbras Citadel basement on Kharos, 2 on a hill in the Yalahar Arena and Zoo Quarter, 1 deep in the Yalahar Foreigner Quarter (Crystal Lake), many in the Oramond Hydra/Bog Raider Cave.
Abilities: Melee (0-270), Earth Wave (65-320), Fast Self Healing (260-407), Paralyze Bomb (on target), Hot Water Wave (100-250) does ice damage, Ice Missile (70-155).
Immune to: Earth, Life Drain
Strong against: Holy (-30%), Ice (-50%)
Weak against: Physical (+5%), Energy (+10%)
Field Notes: Hydras are distant relatives of Dragons and Lizards. Their most distinctive feature is their triple head (reference to the mythological Lernaean Hydra). They have historic ties with low class lizards and their most populous habitat is Banuta - the previous Lizard settlement. Besides Banuta, they are typically found in natural environments. They are particularly known for their unique waves, strong and frequent paralysis and strong healing.
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You may hunt 650 of these as a task of the Killing in the Name of... Quest. Upon completion of the task you will face The Many.
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