Pythius the Rotten (Creature) Pythius the Rotten (Creature)
(9000 Hit Points, 7000 Experience)
Location: Beregar.
Abilities: Melee (0-475), Blood Ball (165-200), Poison Ball (55-155), Poison Wave (333-413), Mana Drain Bomb (85-110), SD Bomb Summons up to 2 Undead Gladiators, Sudden Death makes you Cursed (+20% death damage per turn, last 34~ turns, around 2700 total damage), Icicle which Paralyzes you.
Immune to: Death, Energy, Earth, Life Drain
Strong against:
Weak against:
Field Notes: The Curse starts at 1 and normally stops after 34~ turns, but if he curses you again the 34 turns starts over from the damage it currently did. So the longer he keeps cursing you the higher the damage will get. The damage increases with 20% each turn. In the turn 34 it will look like this 366 then 439. Some people have died getting hits of 1400+ per turn. In the reward room make sure you heal or use mana shield if the damage is higher than your hp and wear any death protection equipments or you might die. Also: On the floor under some trash there's a Guardian Shield a Spike Sword and a Knight Axe. If you have the skills you could pick them them up while killing Pythius.