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This page shows the videos submitted to TibiaWiki for the 2020 Tibia Movie Awards under the Boss Strategy category. We provide scores and comments on each submission.

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Administrators selected their three favorite videos and graded them using a preference system: first preference received 3 points, second preference received 2 points, third preference received 1 point. The following criteria were used to select preferences, though each administrator weighted their preferences individually.

  • Production quality: generally how well is the video produced, including: compression quality, visual effects, scene transitions.
  • Strategy: how useful or viable is the strategy?
  • Relevance: Who will use this and how useful will it be to them? The target audience must be properly accounted for so that they get a sense of how hard a boss fight is.
  • Explanation: How do you access the boss, how often can you fight the boss, what quests are required? These should be explained to some degree. Other explanations are welcome, such as: recommended team levels, supplies required, or motivating statements about the reward to keep the viewer interested.
  • Voice: To engage the viewers some kind of voice narration is desirable. The voice does not need to be perfect, as Tibia is massively multi-cultured, but some kind of narration is highly desired because videos are often watched because they offer a richer immersion (with audio and video), so videos primarily explaining concepts through text is seen unfavorable.
  • Audio: As per above, suitable non-copyrighted music is desirable. Though Tibia is a silent game, rarely do people feel immersed when there is no audio to give feeling to a scene. Videos that have an audio track that matches the tempo and scenery of the fight will be seen favorably.
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Player Video Score Comments
Zahiz 6
  • Good quality video, these bosses tend to be the entry point into boss farming, so such a video will be appreciated by the lower leveled players.
  • Tips and remarks on player safety are always appreciated by people who may struggle.
  • It's clear that this place is dangerous and you taking precautions where necessary given your level.
  • Minor criticism: players who are attempting this for the first time won't know that you need to kill all bosses once before you can use the teleporter to go between caves. This could leave the player in a dangerous scenario where they are running through the cave expecting that they can escape, only to get knocked back, overwhelmed and killed.
Demonique 0
  • It's hard to get a sense of how dangerous this place is because you very clearly outlevel this area and the boss. Considering that this boss is intended to be killed as a team and you just run around killing the boss with SDs. It doesn't seem useful for lower levels who this boss will appeal to.
  • The lack of a voice explaining the boss fight makes this video lack engagement.
Xarkost Eilia 4
  • Good narration.
  • Speeds the boring parts up but allows us to see when it's being sped up.
  • Gives a clear strategy.
  • Unfortunately this boss fight seems to be strictly targeted towards paladins, impacting its usefulness. Some comments were made about the relative value of farming this boss (i.e. it might not be worth it).
Gudii 2
  • Good quality video.
  • Well explained strategy.
  • Speeds up the boring parts but allows us to see the boss fight.
  • Feels awkward and unprofessional to ask for a donation.
Fire Draggon 3
  • Good coverage of strategy.
Cotini 0
  • We can't really use this due to copyright violation.
  • No voice guide.
Boss Strategy Category Winner Favarona 9
  • Fit audio choice.
  • Good recommendations.
  • Explains how to access the boss.
  • Well explained strategy.
Cotini 0
  • Use of copyrighted audio.
  • No voice guide makes this video lack engagement.
  • Good explanation.
Blodiga Amanda 0
  • Late submission.
  • Use of copyrighted audio.
  • Good narration.
  • Watermarked video makes for bad quality.
  • Good explanation of the rewards for killing the boss.
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