Fansite Programme 15th Anniversary
Twelve fansites organized this event to celebrate the Fansite Programme's 15th anniversary with you. It’s time to show off your talent! We are coming together to bring you a unique video contest. Pick your favorite category(ies) and get creative. Each category has some specific requirements, and their own unique prize, so make sure you carefully read the rules. Lights, camera, action!

Contest opens on March 24th at server save time (10 AM CET).
All entries must be submitted by April 21st at server save time (10 AM CET).
Winners will be announced on April 28th.

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Categories and Prizes

Fansite Prize Category
TibiaWiki Heavily Bound Book Best Boss Strategy
NabBotVivaTibia Mini NabBot Vocation Guide
Casal TibianoTibiapedia Love Elixir Romance / Drama
TibiaLife Adamant Shield RPG Adventure
TibiaQA Omniscient Owl Quest Walkthrough / Guide
TibiaRia Bard Doll Comedy / Funny
TibiaEvents Memory Box Horror Story
TibiaTV Citizen Doll RPG Adventure
Tibia-Stats Tibiora's Box Bestiary Hunting
BomDiaTibia Journal Shield TV News


Please check the general and category-specific rules on

Submit your Video

In order to submit your video you have to go to
Remember to make your submission before April 21st, server save time (10 AM CET).

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